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Gender Gap Report: Corporate Gender Diversity in the European Union

Learn how quotas in different countries in the EU affect companies.

Gender Report Details


This whitepaper report covers gender equality within the educational, professional, and political sphere in the European Union and its potential economic impacts.

Why are we talking about the gender gap?

We strongly believe that diversity is more than just filling mere quotas. Organizations benefit from a gender diverse workforce in many ways.

For example, diverse employees will bring more varied perspectives to the table and help increase productivity. Gender diversity can also boost morale, because employees feel more satisfied working for a company that has good ethical practices.

If you want to learn more about current gender quotas in the European Union, go ahead and download the report for free.

“It’s not about reaching a quota for PR purposes; the numbers don’t lie, having a diverse leadership team leads to above-average results.”

Kieran Canisius

CEO & co-founder, Seuss+

We Know First-Hand That Diverse Perspectives Lead to Business Innovation

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Differ Per Country

Our Gender Report shows how quotas in different European Union countries affect companies.

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Discover The Trends

We are actively studying the specific trends so we can best advise your teams on how to benefit from diverse leaders.

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Diversity Has Impact

We are very committed to understanding how diversity can maximize business opportunities and positively impact the bottom line.

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EU Needs More Women Leaders

In perhaps the two most important sectors influencing global and human development, women are still underrepresented.

“Getting away from the traditional cookie-cutter executive management teams and boards creates an environment where corporate decisions are based on the advantages that diverse perspectives bring.”

Sabine Hutchison

CEO & co-founder, Seuss+

We Can Help Scale And Diversify Your Life-Science Company.