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At Seuss+ we are passionate about empowering women leaders, helping to drive diversity within organizations at the top level.

Our unique and engaging women-focused leadership program steps away from traditional classroom environments. Our unconventional approach is rich in new perspectives that prepare women to be “Board Ready” and assure they will be valuable board members.

Are you ready to take an exceptional step in your career development? You will expand your knowledge and skills through e-learning, 1:1 mentorship, networking, and executive professional support.

Our executive board program is designed to address new challenges, technologies, financial literacy and strategy, talent retention, sustainability, board governance, and investor relations.

Do you want to play a key role in making a difference in an organization’s success? Then, it’s time to act and take charge of your career.


Our Executive Board Program is Delivered Through a Combination of Executive Training, Mentoring, and Practical Exercises.

Modules Include:


Skills + Experiences

Boost your skills in Governance and Behavioral Competencies including strategic thinking, compliance, financial literacy, storytelling, listening, and more.


Board Ready Profile

Ensure you have the necessary tools, like your personal profile including your board resume, personal brand, strong pitch, digital strategy, value proposition, and more.



Board Governance

Get 100% clarity on navigating board governance through roles and responsibilities, hours required, board culture, gender dynamics, shareholder value and strategy.


Public Profile + Visibility

Elevate yourself by networking within your organization, establishing and expanding your connections externally, interacting with CEOs to diversify your perspective, and more.


Critical Themes  

Explore the pillars of effective boards, best practices from top boards, risk management, strategy, board/CEO dynamics, making board processes meaningful and boards in crisis.


What Others Say 

“The team stands way above dozens of others (both small and big) we have worked with before, and we are very impressed with the their professionalism, attitude, support, and assistance they’ve been giving us along the way.”

 Director Training + Resourcing at CRO

Seuss+ partnered with us on an “Interviewing with Confidence” seminar and 1:1 coaching for our Women’s Professional Organization. Seuss+ strove to build relevant and tailored content, and attendees appreciated their dynamic speaking style and practical exercises. The event was one of the highest rated of the year.”

Vice President, Product Strategy at Pharmaceutical


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