European Expansion

Building your bridge to Europe


Bridge to Europe 

You recognize the need to expand into Europe, and the unknowns can be daunting. Seuss+ bridges the gap by helping companies gain a firm foothold in the European market.

At Seuss+, we take a holistic approach, starting with a thorough examination of your goals and how your company is positioned to succeed in the European landscape.

Our work with you goes far beyond bringing the big picture into focus: We are your feet on the ground and eyes and ears in Europe. We can help find the right staff and management, and even setup your office. We work with you, within your company framework, to ensure that your unique company culture will be maintained in your new European branch and we will support you as long as you need.


Problems We Solve

Acquisition, Organic Growth or Partnering 

Are you considering acquisition, organic growth or partnering in order to expand to Europe? Our market analysis and growth workshop will provide you with a roadmap for your strategic European expansion.

Who is the    Competition?

We provide you with a competitor analysis, market research and positioning strategy report.

Fully Prepare  Yourself 

We provide an in-depth blueprint report based on internal company analysis workshop to improve the understanding and integration of the diverse Europe cultures and unspoken rules for managing your business in Europe.


We analyze company strengths and USPs and map the European market through a competitor and client analysis report including geographic and profile information.

Managing Staff + Vendors

Has managing staff and vendors been a huge challenge in the past? We provide an interim Team or Vendor Manager to seamlessly slot into your team and strengthen your foothold in the European market.

Where to Start?

Are you ready to expand to Europe but not sure where to start? We provide a Europe Roadmap consultation for expansion through market analysis and a growth workshop.

What Others Say

“CAN DO and never fails, would best describe Sabine and her abilities. The best team builder and an effective general manager and the most effective Business Development professional I have seen in years.”

Executive Vice President at CRO

We Help You to Scale Your Life-Science Company.

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