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Vendor Selection Services for Life Science Organizations: Choose your best-fit vendor to start your trials with confidence

Ensure compliance from the start: get your trial inspection ready with our comprehensive vendor selection process.

Choosing the wrong vendor or supplier can mean huge costs, missed timelines, and the end of your clinical trial. Whether you’re looking for a lab or logistics supplier, a specialty provider, or a full-service CRO, we can support you, from alignment to award.

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Mitigate your risk with data-informed, relationship-focused vendor and supplier selections

At Seuss+ Life Science Consulting, our CRO & vendor selection services and process utilizes a proven and multi-dimensional methodology. We will assist you throughout the entire process and provide you with the necessary tools and insights to make an informed and data-driven decision on your new vendor.

Keep your trial on track and on time, and your budget under control, with a comprehensive Vendor Selection Process. We ensure:

Reduce Risk: Minimize costly delays and compliance headaches with our proven vendor assessment methodology.

Save Time & Resources: Outsource the selection process, allowing your team to focus on core science, not vendor negotiations.

Gain Strategic Advantage: Get matched with partners who truly understand your therapeutic area and share your vision.

Need a Specialized Vendor, Supplier, or CRO? We’ve Got You Covered

Our organization conducts market scans (RFI) and selects suppliers for a diverse range of life science companies using a formal process that guarantees optimal quality and efficiency.

We possess expertise in sourcing suppliers similar to these:


Full service CROs

Whether you are a large pharma or a small one preparing to initiate a clinical trial, we have a comprehensive understanding of the intricate CRO selection process.


Specialty Providers

We have extensive experience in assisting with vendor selection for various specialties such as biostatistics, auditors, legal, and regulatory providers.


CMC Suppliers

We are able to find suppliers for CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls), including those for drug substance, drug product, and packaging.


Logistics Suppliers

Our team has expertise in outsourcing logistics services such as warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping for companies.


Lab Suppliers

Our services assist in identifying the most suitable lab suppliers for your needs. With our expertise, we can conduct vendor selections for central lab, bioanalytical, immune monitoring, and more.

Let Us Take the Work Out Of CRO, Vendors and Suppliers Selection

We help you find a vendor that fits your company: our team of experts takes a holistic approach, focusing on people and applying comparable data and our vendor selection process.

For our vendor selection services for life science organizations, biotechs and pharmas we bring a team of experts – including data analysts, strategists, clinical experts – to take a holistic approach to vendor selection. We build a bespoke RFP that generates comparable and reliable data you can use to confidently make a decision.

Step 1

Alignment Meeting

We kick off the project with a workshop designed to help your team formulate and define the key selection criteria.

Step 2

Market Scan

Through in-depth market research, we identify vendors who match your specific criteria for your RFP process.

Step 3

RFP Creation

We create a tailored RFP based on the study synopsis, selection criteria, and insights gathered in previous steps.

Step 4

RFP Analysis

After vendor responses are collected, we analyze and compare strategies, timelines, and cost structures to help you make better decisions.

Step 5

Bid Defense

We organize and facilitate your bid-defense meeting, where defined exercises ensure reliability from the vendor candidates.

Step 6

Contract Negotiation

With our guidance and commercial experience, we promise to get you the best terms and conditions in your new partnership.

Informed: Market Expertise for Efficient Shortlisting

Our thorough understanding of vendors and CROs and life science best practices assures efficient and prompt selection of potential vendors.

Tailored: Custom RFPs Uncover the Strengths You Need

We recognize that solutions aren’t always universal. By creating a personalized RFP, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of vendors that are specifically relevant to your study.

Comprehensive: Data-Driven RFP Analysis for Best-Fit Decisions

To determine the best candidates for bid defense, we conduct a detailed analysis and scoring of RFP responses. Our extensive knowledge of CRO and vendors allows us to make informed decisions.

Unbiased: Vendor-Agnostic, Focused on Your Success

We conduct unbiased and thorough research, which involves analyzing vendor risks, pricing, and negotiating contracts, to ensure that we only recommend the most fitting solution for you.

Outsourcing CRO & Vendor Selection Services

“During our vendor selection process, the team provided exceptional and professional support. Their extensive industry experience, operational knowledge, and strong network allowed us to make a well-informed and thoughtful decision in selecting our final vendor.”  

Chief Medical Officer from USA Biotech