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Supporting life-science professionals with European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR) compliance and GCP training.


Scalable ECTR and GCP Training

Our aim is to provide all clinical researchers across the world with convenient access to quality compliance training. This is especially important as compliance relates to the implementation of guidelines, the adherence to regulations and has crucial implications for patient safety.

We want to ensure you are inspection ready by offering scalable monitoring, auditing, and GCP training to your clinical and non-clinical research staff in a novel and interactive way. 

The European Clinical Trials Regulation (ECTR) is being introduced in 2020, changing the landscape of how clinical research is conducted in Europe. It increases the efficiency of all trials and creates consistent rules for research across all EU member states. From researcher to the reviewer, coordinators to regulators, if you are involved in pharmaceutical research in Europe, you will need to be ECTR ready in time.

Being ECTR compliant becomes a whole lot easier with our collective partner’s, GCP Central, five online training modules. This training is now available to research professionals worldwide through the online myGCP learning platform.

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GCP Training with the myGCP App

Our ECTR Training Courses


Inside Our GCP Training Environment

Scalable Training

We’re committed to staying ahead of the market and delivering the latest research standards and regulations with an innovative approach. We work together with you to adapt our platform and offerings to your compliance requirements.

Interactive Learning Tools

We’re proudly reinventing compliance training, by making it convenient, innovative and engaging.

Integrated Content Management

Create personalized learning programs for your staff, tailored for your company and their responsibilities by adding case scenarios, baseline tests, exams, and company or protocol specific training.

Continuous Learning + Tracking

Gain easy insights in the progress and certification of your sites or staff.

User Community Engagement

Centralized location for community questions, learnings and centralized communications to facilitate interactive learning.


We offer a combination of face-to-face and online trainings which are flexibly tailored to your business needs.

What Others Say

“An important feature of GCP Central’s training method is that you can come back and can learn more often. You are kept informed with notifications from the active Portal. Also, the modules are accredited, and they count toward your BIG-registration.”

Managing Director at Theraphy Research Network   


“I liked the interaction during the classroom meeting. We were able to ask all our questions and the themes to be discussed were tailored to our wishes.”

Clinical Trial Assistant 


“I would certainly recommend to starters in clinical research to do the blended course. The teacher is clearly knowledgeable and is very enthusiastic. Planning a study day in the week of the training is recommended.”


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