Candidate Experience Assessment

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Importance of Candidate Experience + Our Assessment

Candidate experience insights help you to improve your online recruitment and HR processes and therefore boost your talent acquisition.

Attracting and retaining top talents is no longer simply the responsibility of HR. Business leaders and executives are more and more concerned about building a strong employer brand and this starts with the process of talent acquisition.

To attract the right talent to your company and keep them engaged through the application process it is essential to understand their user journey.

We put ourselves directly in your candidates’ shoes and analyze both your online employer brand and application process through our Candidate Experience Assessment

Together with our Seuss+ member company, Zocket, we deliver an in-depth custom report that helps you to understand what your job candidates really think about their online experience before you decide in which area to make a big investment to improve it. 



Assessment Modules

The Candidate Experience Assessment report tells you what your candidates really think about which areas they like, what they are missing, and provides insight into your employer brand and biases in order to make the changes that will be most effective. The assessment provides practical tips, includes mystery applicants and much more. Within the 80-page report, our consultants cover four essential parts of your online presence and application process:

Employer Brand Scan

Our in-house brand experts will do a full scan of your employer brand and report on brand and culture consistency. We will present which types of candidates we believe will be attracted to your brand, and you can assess whether this is the group you are targeting.

  • Brand DNA including your company story, look & feel, purpose, and audience
  • Brand Channels including candidate review pages, social media, blogs, website
  • Evaluate consistency, focus, and promise vs reality
  • Recommendations

 Application Process

We document your application process in full, as a potential employee would – with an independent perspective – and report back our findings and where your areas of risk are to lose potential employees through your process.

  • Document the flow of your process
  • Assess the process for strengths
  • Identify risk areas
  • Evaluate responsiveness
  • Recommendations

 Candidate Survey

We will conduct a survey with past applicants to your company on crucial experiential aspects and find out what your candidates REALLY think.

  • Survey will cover overall candidate experience, strengths, risks, application burden, and responsiveness on job applications
  • Executive summary of results
  • Recommendations

 Bias Checkup

We will evaluate your candidates’ experience, from their perspective, and show your areas of bias and how you can improve diversity in your hiring process. 


  • Brand DNA elements such as text & images
  • Evaluate social media channels
  • Look into bias within your application process
  • Review 3 job descriptions
  • Recommendations

What Others Say

“Every company needs a “reality check”, no matter how great you are doing, or think you are doing. An independent assessment of the Candidate Experience really helps you look at what you do with the eyes of the candidate, build on and grow what you are doing right, and identify issues before they become problems. We will be thrilled to repeat the experience in a year’s time and see how well we would do this time, and would strongly recommend the service for anyone and everyone!”

“We were truly amazed how clearly many of the issues we knew about, but did not share with the team prior to the assessment, were identified and pinpointed. We were very grateful to see quite a few ideas that simply did not come to our mind, but made total sense once they pointed them out to us.”

“Working together was a very rewarding experience. Everything they touched turned into gold! They could see some challenges even before we realized they existed, the data they provided was clear, concise, and very helpful. And for fear of repeating ourselves – we really enjoyed working together.”

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