Webinar: Personal Branding Create Your Plan, Promote Your Brand

Our webinars unveil the answers to the most burning questions in the business of the life science industry.

In this one-hour webinar dives into the importance of personal branding and the impact it has on your career. You’ll discover examples and exercises for how to identify, activate, and live your own unique brand, and how it will positively impact your career path.


Here is what you’ll learn


Why is it important to have a personal brand?

You’ll see the impact this training has, not only for companies and entrepreneurs, but also for every individual. We’ll explain the importance of working towards a defined personal brand through practical examples. 


How to identify and build your personal brand

Your personal brand is the image you give to the rest of the world. Defining it is a key and impactful strategy in your career. You’ll learn the best traits to use as a base when building your own. 


How to present, communicate, and live your personal brand

You’ll learn all the necessary information on how to share with others your personal brand once you’ve built it. We’ll give you tips on how to present it both online and offline. 


How to incorporate your personal brand into your career goals

We’ll teach you how to align your own brand to your career goals strategically. These two aspects have a direct connection, and it is crucial to make sure there is a symbiotic relationship between them. 

Meet the speakers

About Sabine Hutchison

About Sabine Hutchison


Sabine, the CEO and co-founder of Seuss+, is a trained chemist and industry expert turned entrepreneur with a full roster of speaking engagements and public appearances under her belt. She is passionate about helping life science companies grow, helping businesses and leaders reach their full potential.

As busy as her work as a CEO keeps her, she makes time to volunteer on the board as Chair of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Europe Chapter.

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