Seuss+ Welcomes Seven New Interns 

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Interns provide an array of valuable perspectives and benefits to an organization; over the years, we’ve mentored dozens of interns and gained quality talent as many transition into permanent employees. Join us as we welcome seven new Seuss+ interns to the organization. 

At the end of February, our 2022 mentor team was selected and prepared for the arrival of seven new interns. We readied the onboarding programs, scheduled their learning and development plans and welcomed a group of highly motivated individuals to the team. 

Let’s meet the latest Seuss+ arrivals. 



Zsofia Kis – Organizational Consultant Intern

Having lived in 5 different countries and studied in one of the most culturally diverse campuses of the world at New York University Abu Dhabi, I learned to adapt to unexpected challenges and navigate across various disciplines flexibly.

I’m passionate about every aspect of employee wellbeing, such as work engagement, employee motivation, burnout prevention, and resilience.
After being exposed to different research areas ranging from perceptual expertise through political violence to passion for work and completing my MSc in Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University, I aspire to help create diverse but aligned teams & partnerships that allow individuals to thrive professionally personally.

I think outside the box, and I have a creative vision for the future thanks to my unique personal experiences and networking that shaped me into the person I am now.

Clara Colas – HR Intern 

As a French-American dual national, I grew up in Paris and received my BA in Psychology and Italian at Wheaton College (Massachusetts, USA) in 2019.

My studies in Psychology led me to a research work-study with Professor Katherine Eskine researching the effects of music on cognition. I lived in Bologna (Italy) for six months during college, so I am also fluent in Italian and French and English.

After graduation from Wheaton, I joined Vinfen Corporation as an Outreach Worker supporting individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders. This first professional experience was a catalyst to a deeper examination of mental health and the strengths and weaknesses of the systems meant to support mental health.

After a short break from my endeavors in psychology to dedicate myself fully to my passion for martial arts, I returned to Europe in 2021 to begin a Master’s program in Work and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University.

I am excited to learn more about Consulting, Recruitment, and Human Resources and to bridge the knowledge and experience of mental health gained in previous professional opportunities with new experiences in consulting and work psychology.


Loreto Sambeat – Marketing & Communications Intern

I always knew I wanted to choose a career path that would allow me to work across multiple different fields. That’s why I decided to study Advertising and PR + Marketing and Sales Management—A double degree that will enable me to apply what I’m learning in every sector.

My internship with Seuss+ is an opportunity to apply my knowledge and learn more about the fascinating and challenging industry of life sciences.

As Charlie Mungen once said: “Those who keep learning will keep rising in life”.

Frederique Vins – Consulting Intern

Tackling a new challenge every day is something that drives me. After spending a year abroad in Sydney, Whistler, and Ho Chi Minh, I started my studies in Chemistry in Groningen, the Netherlands. Solving problems creatively and analytically is something I enjoy and drives me in daily life. As a researcher, it is in my nature to be curious and learn as much as possible to reach my full potential. You can always count on my positive energy and a motivated attitude to complete high-quality tasks.

Currently, at Seuss+, I am grateful to have the opportunity to develop myself as a consultant further, contribute to the team, and deliver a meaningful impact on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


Pavel Vigeveno – Consulting Intern

With an international background in East and Western Europe, I was born in Russia and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences a minor in Business Administration. Additionally, I am finishing a master’s degree in Management, Policy analysis and entrepreneurship in the health sciences (MPA). As a part of my studies, I have already finished two internships where I applied and deepened my research skills. After these internships, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for what is done in (sub) clinical trials. I hope this is the start of a nice learning experience! During my internship at Seuss+, I hope to make my start in the world of biotech consulting.

Rumyana Lazarova – Marketing & Communications Intern – Digital

Since a kid I had a strong desire be in an international environment and get to know new cultures. My next step was to move to the Netherlands where I  joined the International Creative Business bachelor program and later did a minor in Advertising and PR in Spain. I am a creative and curios person with a passion in graphic design.  

As an intern at Seuss+ I have the chance to take part in the design creation process and develop a keen eye for detail and get my visual communication skills on the next level from day one. Getting into the life science is a new challenge that I am excited to take. 

Exploring is the way of learning new things! 

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Andres Hueso Cuervo – Consulting Intern

Throughout my life, I have always been an analytical person. I have always thought there is much to gain from dismantling a situation to its essential components and rearranging them to fully comprehend and improve its functioning. But the journey was never easy.

I had to leave our home country Venezuela when I was 10 and face a new culture. This led me to study and work in 6 different countries. 
Beyond work, I enjoy exercising, playing music on my guitar, cooking, reading, and traveling. I am a big believer that one must develop themselves in multiple aspects, to not miss out on anything life has to offer!

If you’d like to be considered for a future internship program, submit an open application here. 

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