Say hello to our latest intern. Sanne joins Seuss+ on a Marketing Talent Internship. Discover why mutual trust, interconnection, and transparency are the feelings Sanne gets from her new virtual team.


Hi Sanne! Great to meet you. Tell us a little about yourself and your studies.

My name is Sanne Jonk, and I am 21 years old. I am currently in my fourth year of International Business Management Studies (IBMS) at the HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht.

I was born and raised in Amersfoort, a lovely, picturesque city 30 minutes away from Utrecht, where I live with 4 roommates.  My family lives around the corner, so I often enjoy dinner at my parent’s place. This is very convenient since I am not really a MasterChef!

I have a relatively big family, two sisters and one little brother, so there is always someone to talk to.

At the moment, I am in my graduation stage, meaning that I will do my final internship at Seuss+ while writing my thesis, which will be on Freelancer Acquisition and Retainment.

Tell us about your first week and what it was like to meet the team.  Do you feel prepared to take on your role with Seuss+?

Honestly, I was a little bit nervous about being starting my internship. Mostly good nerves when one starts something new but adding to the nerves was how everything would be considering the limitations COVID-19 brings

Seuss+ is well versed with working remotley, with such an international team, people are collaborating and working together from all corners of the globe. I was fully onboarded into the world of Microsoft Teams during my first few days.

Seuss+ has its own employee learning academy, so for me, the onboarding process was amazing. During my first few days as well as meeting my new team and all the other departments, I was busy catching courses from the Seuss+ Academy, including things like ways of working, the Seuss+ brand, and some great explainer courses on the Seuss+ services.

The Marketing team at Seuss+ works using the Scrum methodology; next to my onboarding, I also had hands-on Scrum training,

I instantly felt part of the team; Seuss+ has its own unique internal culture, and I can already get a good sense that transparency, collaboration, and mutual trust are big factors in the success.


What are you excited to learn? What would you like to achieve during your internship?

I am excited to put my knowledge into practice in a professional working environment. I am a firm believer that, even though you can learn a lot in school, the best learning tools are practical examples.

In school, I learned a lot about the terms used and situations that could possibly happen. However, I am very interested in how everything actually turns out. I would love to work on a project on which I can make a difference in the company and positively impact it.

Something that I would like to achieve during the internship:

  1. Leave my mark in the company with a positive impact
  2. Become more confident in my abilities
  3. Expand my network and gain experience working in a marketing department

Finally, tell us some fun facts about you, or tell us something that interests you!

I have lived abroad for a little while during my studies. For my first internship, I went to Barcelona, Spain, for 3 months! And I spent 5 months in Lethbridge, Canada, doing my minor studies. I love to travel!

The furthest place I have been to so far is Hawaii, and my favorite destination so far is a tie between Hawaii and Athens. I also have a bucket list of countries I want to go to, like Australia, Mexico, China, and South Africa.

I love to be with friends and either go to a bar/restaurant or go for a corona-proof walk in my free time. Spending quality time together is something I find really important.

Thank you for sharing your story, Sanne, and we look forward to seeing you around the (virtual) office.



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