Seuss+ is excited to announce our newest life science webinar series. This informative and interactive orientated webinar series will be held on a regular basis through to the end of summer, hosting various topics, speakers and guest speakers.

Navigating The COVID-19 Landscape

The current coronavirus crisis has changed the world. With changes to the way business is conducted, more people working remotely, and a heavy focus on the life sciences in research, Seuss+ is committed to sharing our expertise.

Across our Seuss+ collective, we want to help you and your business navigate this changing landscape.

Our webinars draw from our experience in Outsourcing and Procurement, HR and Recruitment, Marketing and Sales, Training, and Learning Technology, intending to share our vast knowledge with you.

How Does Our Webinar Schedule Look Like?

From Entrepreneurs to CROS, from students to HR directors, our series of webinars are tailored to the different needs of the life science industry.

We invite you to join our live sessions for free. If you are unable to attend, all webinars will be available On-Demand after the live events as well.

So, take a look at the line-up below and register before the seats fill up.

More Information About Our Upcoming Live Webinars

Hiring And Onboarding New Staff Virtually In Corona Times

Replay On-Demand

Seuss+ webinar replay_virtual onboarding

In times of social distancing, many life-science companies are questioning their recruitment and hiring process. In this webinar, hosted by Sabine and Susan dive into the strategic decision-making process of hiring and onboarding in times of crisis. Webinar participants will walk away with practical tips and tricks to decide whether it is the right time to hire, recruiting virtually, and how to create a great new-hire experience from a distance.


The Long-Term Impact Of COVID-19 On Clinical Trials: What Changes Will Remain As Best Practices?

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Seuss+ webinar replay_impact of covid-19 on clinical trials

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up how clinical trials are working around the world. It is time for straight talk around practical and innovative approaches that should remain in force post-COVID 19 restrictions as they ensure compliance, patient wellbeing and keeping trials moving forward with more efficiency.


Using The CAPA Process To Prevent Problems And Mitigate Risks In Your Life-Science Business

Replay on-demand

Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA). In this webinar, hosted by Hellen, Director of Operations at Seuss+, you will learn about the CAPA process. This process helps you to better plan for the future, especially in these uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, by looking, investigating, and analyzing the past.



Stay Up To Date With More Webinar Topics

We have more topics, speakers, and guest speakers in the pipeline of our life-science webinar series.

Signing up for these webinars is simple – we have a special mailing list that will advise you of upcoming topics and dates.

Seuss+ Talks not only will provide replays of the webinars on-demand, but also provide you with updates, scheduling changes, new topics and the resources and tools to implement your key takeaways from each webinar.

Additionally, you can also take a look at a list of all our past webinars and free replays HERE.

In the current coronavirus crisis, it’s important that we all stick together and support each other. Through this life-science webinar series, Seuss+ aims to share our expertise in the industry and bring important, relevant topics to you.

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