From an extensive career in global research organizations to Director of Operations here at Seuss+, we are very happy to welcome Hellen Boering to our team. Hellen brings her considerable experience in people management and clinical research to our collective. We sat down with her recently to talk about her skills, her achievements, and what she plans to bring to Seuss+.

Tell us a little about yourself, Hellen.

I was born in Enschede, in the east of the Netherlands, but grew up closer to Amsterdam in a town called Badhoevedorp. (I still am a big fan of FC Twente, and hold season tickets) I studied Human Movement at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and this took me to many roles within Clinical Research and people management.
I’ve also represented the Netherlands in water polo at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

What is your role here at Seuss+ and what attracted you to it?

As the director of operations, I lead the consulting and recruitment teams, improve processes and am part of the management team.

I’ve known Kieran and Sabine for a long time, and when this role came along, my gut instinct said to take it. The amazing journey that started with Seuss, and has evolved into Seuss+ is a real adventure. I had the same feeling when I tried for the National Olympic team – this is my chance, I need to take it.

What skills do you bring to this collective, and what do you want to achieve?

I bring my experience in Clinical Research and people management and would love to achieve great consulting and recruitment teams who enjoy working for Seuss+ and work in an efficient and pleasant way. For Seuss+ as a whole, I would like to achieve a well-integrated team of professionals who enjoy working together and go for the extra (s)mile.



Can you share your first impressions with us?

Everyone feels that it is a pleasure to work for Seuss+. It’s an open atmosphere in which we trust each other and where it is OK to make mistakes (as long as we learn from them). We’re a company in development from separate companies to one collective and time is needed to further grow towards each other and where everybody works hard to make it work. It took a few months to fully understand my role and get settled, but now I feel I have started adding value.

What kind of project excites you?

There are MANY projects that excite me. Consulting projects where we have to see where we can work even more efficiently, recruitment projects where it is always a challenge to find the best-fit candidate, as the perfect candidate is never available, and projects to improve the company as a whole and where we have to set clear priorities.

Is there anything you do to unwind?

I’m a really active person even outside of work. I play tennis, water polo, and cycle regularly (I even took this job as it’s cycling distance from my house), as well as volunteer work as both the Chair for ClinOps, and also as a board member of the NFVG.
But when I really want to relax, I head to my holiday house in Ommen, light a fire in the fireplace, and read a book in my favourite chair in the evening.

Welcome to Seuss+, Hellen, and thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you!