Are you a detail-orientated, problem-solver looking to channel your focus into a new role and make a positive impact? Seuss+ is looking for a talented Senior Business Consultant to join our team.

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Do you have a background working with or alongside management consultant firms? We’re looking for an expert organizer and communicator who can utilize their technical project management skills across interesting large-scale projects in an ever-changing environment.

In your role as Senior Business Consultant, you’ll be responsible for managing multiple project lifecycles, including stakeholders, timelines, delivery, quality, budget, project management tools, and analysis.

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At Seuss+, you’ll join a diverse group of people who are just as motivated, dynamic, and talented as you. Everyone as Seuss+ has the autonomy and freedom to thrive, with the support of like-minded colleagues motivated by a common goal: Change life sciences, change the world

ian wood seuss plus

Ian Wood – Senior Recruitment Consultant



I’d describe my role as fast-paced and ever-evolving. Managing the expectations of our clients and our candidates is the key to success. Our clients are our priority, and we find it essential to build relationships with them. We believe in growing together and creating life-long partnerships.

Whether you work in our Amsterdam office or home-based, we are a highly collaborative team. We are dedicated to delivering our projects and services with enthusiasm, professionalism, and fun, and that’s why our clients return to us.

hellen boering seuss plus

Hellen Boering – Director of Operations: My role is exciting. Every day I learn new things and often find myself reaching outside my comfort zone, which keeps me motivated. I see that my work adds value to our clients, which drives me to deliver beyond the client’s expectations.

nicolyn liebenberg seuss plus

Nicolyn Liebenberg- Senior Business Consultant: The Seuss+ team is collaborative and supportive – though we all work at a distance (at the moment), there’s a sense of community and support. We communicate freely – everyone has a voice and the chance to impact where Seuss+ is going. I also love that it’s so international – we learn so much from each other.

merle weghoeft seuss plus

Merle Weghöft – Marketing: What I like most about my job is seeing the direct impact I have with the work I’ve created. You always get the opportunity to learn new things and directly try them out in your next project; if it works out, great! If not, we don’t see it as a mistake but more as a learning curve, and the next time we will adapt it and make it work.

We offer flexible working options, including remote and home-based roles, and understand the importance of work-life balance. We invest in your personal growth to keep you driven and motivated, including an individual Behavioral Assessment to help us identify what you need to work at your full potential.

Who is Seuss+?

We’re a unique collective that goes beyond just consulting. Our years of life-science industry experience mean that we understand the challenges and the frustrations of our clients.

We bring innovative solutions through Outsourcing and Procurement, HR and Recruitment, Marketing and Sales, Training Solutions, and Learning Technology, allowing life-science companies to find the exact services they need to focus on what they do best, changing the world..

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