In a reflection of the ever-changing social landscape, in December 2019 the Dutch parliament passed a law to improve gender diversity on corporate boards. The new law requires companies listed in the Netherlands to have at least 30% of their supervisory board seats held by women.

Improving Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards by Law

Passed by a majority of 87 votes to 63, the law sees important changes in large companies, including forcing them to draw up plans to increase the number of women on their executive boards.

Companies that fail to meet the minimum threshold will have to replace any board position left by a man with a woman, or face leaving that position empty. The Netherlands joins a growing list of countries already embracing the change in diversity and gender in the board room, but how easy is this to actually implement?

Empty Chairs = Unstable Boards

In the Netherlands, only a few Dutch listed companies currently meet the target for the number of women on their boards. With a very real threat of board members exiting, and the chairs remaining empty, it’s time to start preparing women to step up into leadership positions and strengthening executive and supervisory boards for the future.

It can be difficult to find women who are ready to move into these positions, which is why it is so important to provide opportunities to shape, build and create more women in leadership positions. At Seuss+, we want to provide companies, and individuals the tools to move into these positions, and lead the way.

Women on Boards Program

Our Women on Boards Program is designed to focus on bringing top-performing women to leadership positions, empowering female leaders and really bringing strength to boards.

We feel that the best way to do this is not only to support female executives to gain the skills they need to take the next step in their careers and be board ready.

We also support companies in diversifying their board room by:

  1. Placing their own top female executives in the program to develop the skills needed to join the company’s board.
  2. Giving access to a pool of women who already have the skills and board room experience. 

It’s not about just filling a government quota for us. It’s about creating the leaders you need to fill board positions and be vital parts of your executive team. It’s about giving you top-quality talent, who just happen to be women, to take your company to the future.

Program Takeaways

For female executives

Are you a female executive who is ready to take the next step in your career? We focus on not only the skills you’ll need in a board position but how to shape your profile and create that board-ready CV. You’ll be equipped with the fundamentals you need to walk into the position, but also to help lead your company to a successful future.

For companies ready to lead the change in board rooms

For companies that want to improve board room diversity and hit the minimum 30% threshold, we show you ways to create diversity and gender balance on the board, as well as ways to increase the number of female applicants to board positions. We also support you with ways to retain top talent and take your company to the future. For us, these changes to laws aren’t just about fulfilling a quota, but about fueling companies to be future ready with balance and diversity.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career, and be board ready, or are you a company wanting to take this law to more than just filling a quota? Reach out to us and we can discuss the options unique to you. 

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Develop board-ready skills and CV.

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Find and develop the right talent to diversify your board.

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