Seuss+ is proud to announce that being ECTR ready just became a whole lot easier with the release of a set of ECTR online training courses through our collective partner, GCP Central. This training is now available to research professionals worldwide through the online myGCP learning platform.

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What is ECTR? The European Clinical Trials Regulation (ECTR) is being introduced in 2020, changing the landscape of how clinical research is conducted in Europe. It increases the efficiency of all trials and creates consistent rules for research across all EU member states. From researcher to the reviewer, coordinators to regulators, if you are involved in pharmaceutical research in Europe, you will need to be ECTR ready in time.

The ECTR makes establishing multinational trials simpler and more efficient, enabling new drugs to reach the market faster and positively impacting human health. This new legislation also makes the EU a much more attractive place to bring new trials, with high safety standards and increased information transparency.

The myGCP e-learning platform is accessible through desktop, smartphone, and tablet, and enables clinical research professionals to learn about ECTR at their own pace and how they want. This new set of 5 online training courses cover different combinations of modules, depending on your role in clinical research. You’ll be able to cover the fundamentals of ECTR training, up to complete knowledge of the regulation in all its implications and applications.

We are excited to bring ECTR e-learning to a global market with simple, efficient, engaging, and convenient training methods at the fingertips of research professionals.

GCP Central and Seuss+ are dedicated to making sure that ECTR training isn’t a challenge, and can be delivered quickly and efficiently to all research professionals all over the globe. Compliance shouldn’t be inconvenient and with our myGCP e-learning platform, it doesn’t have to be.

Are you ECTR Ready? Why not get in touch with us today and see how we can make sure you’re ready to start 2020 up to date.

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